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Brussels, the capital of European Union

Belgian beer

Belgian beer

Do you like to party? Do you like to discover a new culture? Do you like art and architecture? What about delicious sweets? Would you like to broaden your horizon and learn about history and European Union?

If any of the above describes you, Brussels would be the perfect city trip destination for you. The Heart of Europe, ideally located and easily accessible thanks to its highly developed transport system, is more than happy to welcome you.

There is often a confusion regarding the Belgian culture. As a small country surrounded by countries like Holland, France and Germany, which have a bigger echo in the world, it is frequently mistaken or compared to this countries. But Belgium has its own strong identity. You can discover it through the numerous museum around Brussels, through it’s landmarks and architecture.

Art lovers can admire one of the finest and more famous works of art in the Center of Fine Arts Bozar. And a visit to the Magritte Museum is an excellent way to learn about the famous Belgian painter and his art.

The high standard of life, the variety of job offers and opportunities, the very good school system and their acceptance and respect towards every culture, attract people from every corner of the world, making Brussels a multicultural city at such extent that you may not find it in much bigger cities in Europe and for that instance anywhere in the world.

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  1. Sunil Nokku

    Most accurate description about Brussels along with many historic facts accompanied. For the ones who have been there they can easily relate to this article and for the others it gives a lot of information and generates an interest to explore more about this beautiful city.

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