The wanderer soul

About Me


Hi! I’m Mihaela. I am 31 years old, I live in Brussels, Belgium, and I have Romanian roots

I have a passion for travel, geography, books and nutrition.

My love for travel, and thirst of knowledge became more powerful after I moved to Brussels at age 19. Ever since I have been traveling the world, visited places which I will detail in my articles.

I am a student in geography, I just started my second year. My dream is to build a career based on geography and of course a career that involves traveling, after my graduation. I would like to get involved in finding new ways of traveling which would be respectful of the environment.

I have become conscious about my food intake, quality and quantity wise for a healthier life. More conscious, but still a foodie, and I love to discover a new place through their specific cuisine. One of my favorites is the Indian vegetarian cuisine, and of course my grandmother’s cuisine!

The blogger world is totally new to me and I am learning, so please don’t be too hard on me, but any suggestions would be welcomed.